About us

Auction de Zwaan is one of the olders auction houses of Amsterdam situated in the heart of Amsterdam. We auction three times a year. The whole canalhouse is filled with antiques varying from paintings, furniture and jewellery to objects, asian art, design, typical Dutch items like Dutch Delftware and high quality Dutch silver but also Tribal art from Indonesia and Oceania as well as from Africa or South East Asia. De Zwaan is a family owned business, since the 1950’s the company is run by de van den Brink family. Babette van den Brink is the current owner, below shown on the lap of her father selling her first lot as a four year old.

Babette van den Brink

Other specialists are:

Michiel Boerma – General valuer, Tribal art Specialist – mboerma@dezwaan.nl
Bart Smaal – General valuer, Paintings specialist – bsmaal@dezwaan.nl
Anita Veenendaal – Certified Jewellery valuer – info@dezwaan.nl