A private collection of Indonesian art: The Crince Le Roy Collection and a special collaboration with the Royal Association of Friends of Asian Art

Veilinggebouw de Zwaan is very pleased to be able to offer a private collection of Indonesian art from the estate of the couple Erik and Marion Crince Le Roy in the current auction in collaboration with the KVVAK.

‘It is one of the most extensive legacies that the Royal Association of Friends of Asian Art (KVVAK) has received in its 105 years of existence: that of Eric and Marion Crince Le Roy-Tiets. Part of this generous donation is a large collection of Indonesian art, mostly collected in the country of origin in the period 1985 to 2004.

Eric Crince Le Roy studied sociology and specialized in adult education. He worked at the Ministry of Education and then started his own company in human resource management, with which he set up major projects abroad, including in Nepal and Egypt. In Jakarta, Crince Le Roy developed an extensive educational project from 1996 to 1998, and a few years later he and his wife lived for a period in the city of Solo, also on Java. His consultancy firm had an Indonesian name: Masa Depan; he spoke Bahasa Indonesia fluently. Marion worked for a number of years in the educational department of the Tropenmuseum and during that period commuted back and forth between the Netherlands and Indonesia.’

(Renee Steenbergen, KVVAK)

The couple brought together a very diverse collection of Indonesian art with great passion and knowledge. The collection includes a number of special sub-collections:

A collection of more than one hundred and fifty Kris handles of exceptional quality. A collection of powerful Dayak amulets, Indonesian jewelry mainly from the Eastern Islands, a collection of Wayang kelitik and Wayang Golek dolls and, among other things, a small collection of statues and art from Java and Bali.

The KVVAK has published its own catalog for this collection.